College = Con Artists

I signed up for 19 credits this semester. Totally unaware that there’s a fee for going over 18 credits in one semester, conveniently no one tell you that until you see your balance…

I withdrew from a class the second week of the semester, before I even knew about the extra money. Fast forward a month later my account balance is finally posted and I notice. 

Now today I finally got around to contacting the student accounts people to tell them about how they’re charging me for a class that I’m not even taking and I get hit with this: 

As a student at Montclair State University you are expected to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures available in the schedule of course booklet. For your convenience I have provided you with the webaddress Your bill is correct according to the published policies.
Thank you. 

You can only get a full refund if you withdraw the first week of class. What kind of bullshit? So I’m paying extra for trying to be an ambitious student, for a class I ain’t eem take? Oh higher learning how you fuck me each and every time…