Black woman baad woman




How many black girls had this hairstyle for at least 2 yearbook pictures

Actually Kendell Jenner started this look. Google it.

‘Challenged’ is a silly term and basically meaningless!” she confirmed. “It is a misguided attempt at being polite about disability. It reeks of paternalism. I describe myself as ‘a disabled woman’—it is clear, direct, and bold.
they called her witch because she knew how to heal herself.
Here We Are, Reflections of A God Gone Mad (2nd edition)

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"I first dealt with snakes when I was in Australia and I did the photo shoot for the album. We used five pythons in the shoot. At first, I was a little nervous, but once I started to handle them, I totally fell in love and felt an affinity toward them. They’re very mysterious creatures. They live in solitude, and there are times in my life when I just want to be by myself. There are times I can’t even figure myself out. I feel they are very complex creatures, but at the same time, they’re sexy, too. That’s why they represent Aaliyah pretty well. They’re dangerous, but quite beautiful. I thought that it would be an animal that could represent me on this album, so I wanted to take it from the photo shoot to the video and probably throughout the whole project."  - Aaliyah (2001)

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Janet Jackson - Doesn’t Really Matter

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when I see girls repost that Lauryn Hill “miseducation of everything” meme and bash other women for being sexual in general I just think damn you are so childish

g r o w u p

rise above this ground level idea of womanhood/feminism you have

Damaged people damage people.
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white broads think their “victories” are ours too

but like they’re not

at all…

my wish for you is that you continue. continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.
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I make playlists by season


Wants bf


Don’t want bf

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Killa and Capo chill in Morocco
Acrylic on Canvas


Killa and Capo chill in Morocco

Acrylic on Canvas

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Lena Horne singing, Believe in Yourself. Scene from 1978 film, The Wiz

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